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How to Get A Student VISA FOR JAPAN?

Types of Higher Education in Japan

  • College of Technology
  • Professional Training Colleges
  • Junior Colleges
  • Universities
  • Graduate Schools

However, applicants need to have a sound command of the Japanese Language to get enrolment into the university. It is less likely to get enrolled into the higher education program without having sound knowledge of the Japanese language. Therefore, Nepali applicants’ entry to higher education begins with enrolment in the language school.  First, you need to get admitted to one of the Japanese language institutes which later opens the door for you for higher study.

What is the role of the Japanese language institute in Japan?

Japanese Language institutes are the gateways to the university. They teach language and prepare non-Japanese speakers for the advanced level of communication. These institutes offer advanced courses for JLPT and university entrance exams.

About the student visa (JAPANESE LANGUAGE COURSE)

The student visa is granted on the basis of the Certificate of Eligibility. Your prospect language institute in Japan applies for the CoE on your behalf. The Immigration Bureau of Japan assesses the application submitted by the institute and grants the CoE. The Embassy of Japan for Nepal (NOW onward VFS Global) cross-verifies and grants the visa.

You will be given a 15-month or 24-month visa (6 months if the institute is new) depending on the location of the institute. The institute will help you later (after the end of the visa period) to renew your visa.

According to the laws and regulations of the Immigration Bureau of Japan, the applicant can obtain a Certificate of Authorized Employment that allows him/her to work part-time for 28 hours per week. However, it does not allow working part-time in entertainment and amusement businesses and sex-related businesses.

National Health Insurance is compulsory. The applicant has to pay medical expenses themself. A medical check-up may require once a year.

Application Qualification

These are some of the common documents applicants need to submit during their application at a Japanese university:

  1. completed application form
  2. proof of paying the application fee (if applicable)
  3. high school diploma (to apply for a Bachelor’s)
  4. Bachelor’s diploma (to apply for a Master’s)
  5. transcript of records
  6. passport-sized photo(s)
  7. copy of valid passport and/or personal ID
  8. motivation letter
  9. letter(s) of recommendation
  10. personal statement

Total Enrollment in Year and Course Duration

  • APRIL INTAKE – 2 Years Course (24 months)
  • JULY INTAKE – 1 Year 9 Months (21 months)
  • OCTOBER INTAKE – 1 Year 6 Months (18 months)
  • JANUARY INTAKE – 1 Year 3 Months (15 months)


  1. All Japanese schools do not accept the all of the intakes, APRIL and OCTOBER are the major intakes that almost all Japanese school accepts.
  2. There will be 4-hour classes per day approximately in most of the schools. 

Application DEADLINE

① Within the month of November for the next April Enrollment 
② Within the month of February for July Enrollment
③ Within the month of May for the October Enrollment
④ Within the month of August for the January Enrollment

[Note:- Please be notice that the deadline mentioned for the particular Japanese Language school is possible to close earlier once the application is full ]

How to submit your application?

You have to send your application at particular school’s Address through the post office.

Procedures after submit application

①Documents verification
②Writing examination and interview