If you are a Nepali student interested in learning how to finish the immigration process to obtain a student visa for Japan, accurate and step-by-step information is provided for you below. If you are not from Kathmandu, Then, since VFS Global office is only located in Kathmandu, you must visit Kathmandu once to apply and receive a Visa.

Immigration procedures based on the issue of Certificate of Eligibility (CoE),

  1. Collect the necessary documents
  2. Courier those documents at Japanese Language School, Japan.
  3. Apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)
  4. Issues of COE from the regional immigration bureau.
  5. Sends CoE to Nepal
  6. Apply for Visa at VFS Global
  7. Visa Issue
  8. Book a Ticket to Japan
  9. Enter into Japan
  10. Start Study in Japan

How long does take to issue the CoE for a Student visa in Japan?

Once you have successfully submitted the necessary documents & paperwork to the Japanese Language in Japan, this school applies for CoE at the regional immigration bureau. After they applied for the CoE, it takes about 3.5 – 4 months time to issue CoE for a Language Student Visa.

Is it hard to get a Student visa to Japan?

It’s very easy to get a student visa in japan if you are a true and genuine student. Your documents should be true and original. You can apply in Japan as a Language student, Vocational Student or University Student.

You can get the current and updated Visa information through the Japanese Embassy website in Nepal As well.

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