Required documents for Student Visa in Japan

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1. Application form(specified documents )

Required Documents Details Remarks
Provided by your desired school;
(Including your occupation and employment information of your financial sponsor)
( School’s Form provided by the school)
2.  Resume (specified document ) ・Confirm all details written in the resume, and with the applicant’s signature.
・If there is a gap between your education or work experience, please describe the reason on a separate sheet.
※Please submit a document certifying that you have an irregular academic
background or work experience.
Format provided by school
3.  Reasons for studying in Japan * Please describe in detail. Separate paper you have to write
4. Pledge documents ・Please describe in detail. Format Provided by School
5.  An original document certifies
final education
・Submit an original document that certifies the applicant’s final education. (The original one will return to the applicant after verified by the Immigration Bureau of Japan.)
6. An original document certifies
the final education transcript.
・Submit an original document that certifies the applicant’s final education transcript.
(The original one will return to applicant after verified by the Immigration Bureau of Japan.)
7. Certificate of Japanese
Language Test and results
・Submit the original certificate of JLPT, J-TEST, NAT-TEST, TOP-J, GNK, or equivalent certificate/document of JLPT (N5).
8. Japanese Language Course
attendance record
・Submit a record indicated applicant that has completed learning the Japanese Language for more than 150 hours in Japanese Language Institute.
9. Copy of Family Register Relationship Verification Certification
10. Copy of ID Card Copy both sides of the applicant’s ID card. (Citizenship)
11. Certificate of Birth Issued officially by the government.
12. Certificate of Employment
(if applicable)
・All Work History (with details of the length of service and type of occupation).
13. Police report
( Required if requested by Immigration)
Have to mention if you have
14. Certificate of student status/ Recommendation Letter
(if applicable)
・Submit a Certificate of Student Status shown the year of enrollment, Majors of Study, Graduate Estimation. (Issued from your college/ school)
15. 10 pieces of photo
(Height 4cm x Width 3cm)
・Photo taken within 3 months, upper body without a hat.
・10 pieces of same photos, write your name back of photos.


16. Document of Financial Sponsor
(specified document )
・Documents shall be completed by the sponsor of financial and with a signature of the sponsor. Format provided by School
17. Bank Balance Certificate with the statement ・The bank statement shall be under the name of the Financial sponsor and issued within 3 months and the Bank statement should cover the last 3 years.
・Make sure that the balance of the account is approximately 250 million Japanese Yen.
18. Explanation source of funds ・Submit related document that explains how funds have been collected.
19. Income Statement ・Submit last 3 years of Income Statement & source of income.
20. Income Tax Statement ・Submit last 3 years of Income Tax Statements issued by the government or related
21. The Relationship of financial
sponsor and applicant
・Submit document that describes the relationship between the financial sponsor and the applicant. Such as official documents of the parent-child relationship, official documents of family register, birth certificate, or relationship notarized documents.
22. Copy of ID Card of Sponsors ・Copy both sides of the Sponsor’s ID card.

【Important Notes】

①Except the original certificate, a document is valid only within six months from the date of issue.
(Document issued in Japan is only valid within 3 months since the date of issue)
※A certificate such as Certificate of Graduation means that cannot be issued more than once.
※A document means that can be issued more than once if you apply to issue. For example, a document to certify Graduation, bank statement, etc.

②Documents in other languages are required to attach a Japanese translation.
(Please submit both original and translation. Do not allow to submit a translated document without the original one.)

③Documents submitted to the Immigration Bureau of Japan, will not return to the applicant except the original certificates.

④Applicant shall have to sign all documents. In addition, do not use liquid paper to do corrections on documents.

⑤Above-mentioned documents are required for applying for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Documents other than the above-mentioned might be required in specific cases.