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There are numerous reasons to study in Japan. Some students get attracted by Japan’s high educational standards and rich cultural heritage, while for others the attraction is to seek career prospects in the booming Japanese economy. With over 150,000 international students, Japan is one of the most popular destinations for international students.
Japan is one of the most economically, technologically, and culturally advanced countries in
Asia. It is a leading country not only in Asia but in the world in innovation and manufacturing because of the cutting-edge knowledge and technology nurtured by its excellent education system.
Using its modern science, technology, and medicine, Japan has introduced many products to the world, including electric vehicles, DSLR cameras, optical fibers, and artificial hearts. Japan’s ability to accept and lead the latest technological trends (IoT, AI, Robotics, 5G at the time) is
always a thing of fascination for students from the countries like Nepal.

Quality Education, High Academic standards and Attractive programs

Japan has one of the best education systems in the world which is compatible with the present modern societies. Scientific developments, Engineering, Technological innovation and achievement, Economics, Ethics, Tourism, preservation of culture and tradition are all the results of the Japanese Education System. Among the Asian countries, Japan has the highest number of Nobel Prize winners and in number 7th in the world rank. Japan has over 700 universities, many of which count among the world’s top universities. Good news to the international students, the
number of degree programs conducted in English is also increasing.

Scholarship in Japan

There are well-developed financial supports for international students such as tuition fees exemption and a wide range of scholarship programs. For many scholarship programs, you can send an application only after admission to your school. You can search the details of scholarships on the JASSO Website(http://www.jasso.go.jp/en/study_j/scholarships/index.html).
You can also apply for the Scholarship of the Japanese Government and other private organizations such as MONBUKAGAKUSHO: MEXT scholarship, Local government
scholarship, Local international association’s scholarship, etc.

After graduation; Job opportunities are awaiting

Studying in Japan, enable you to seek employment in Japan. You could be able to change your visa status to working. You can apply for job as your desired fields.

Japanese Language as additional gift.

Learning Japanese is interesting. Japanese is the national language of Japan and almost all of Japanese people prefer to speak in Japanese. Though your medium of studying is not the Japanese; you gradually learn the Japanese with its daily environment which may works you as an additional skill. Many students become fluent in Japanese language in one year of learning of Japanese Language studies. Since; Japan is the one of the largest economy in the world; you can use this additional skill in field of business, economics, manufacturing, finance, politics and many more.

Japan is extremely Safe, peaceful place to study

Perfect Location

Beautiful Nature