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How to Student VISA?

Types of Higher Education in Japan
  • College of Technology
  • Professional Training Colleges
  • Junior Colleges
  • Universities
  • Graduate Schools

However, to enter into those institution applicants have to be sound in Japanese Language. There are very less chances to enter into the higher education Institution in Japan without the Japanese Language. So, as a Nepali applicant’s entrance begins as the students of JAPANESE LANGUAGE at JAPANESE LANGUAGE INSTITUTE in Japan.


Japanese Language institutes are intended to teach the Japanese language to non-Japanese speakers. For international students aiming to be admitted to higher education institutions in Japan, many Japanese language institutions offer the preparation courses for JLPT and University entrance exams.

About the student visa (JAPANESE LANGUAGE COURSE)
  • In principle visa is required to enter Japan for a period of stay of or longer than six months.
  • To apply a student visa; applicant must receive a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the Immigration Bureau of Japan.
  • On behalf of applicant; Japanese Language of Japan shall apply a Certificate of eligibility (COE) for applicant.
  • According to the laws and regulations of the Immigration Bureau of Japan applicant can obtain a Certificate of Authorized Employment that allows him/her to work part-time within 28 hours per week. However; it does not allow working part-time in entertainment and amusement businesses and sex-related businesses.
  • National Health Insurance is compulsory; applicant has to pay medical expenses own self.
  • Medical check-up may require once a year.
Application Qualification
  • At least completed 12 years education or completed an equivalent education level that accepted by School of Japanese Language.
  • Final education should be within 5 years. (GAP up to 5 years
  • but Bachelors degree and Master degree student with proper reason above than 5 years may take)
  • Applicant who does not have a bachelor degree can submit an equivalent certificates (such as JLPT; J-TEST; NAT-TEST; TOP-J; TEST level A; GNK; STBJ etc.) if applicable.
  • Be able to afford tuition fees living expenses during the period of studying in Japan.
  • Full motivation of studying and should accepted by School of Japanese Language Japan.
Total Enrollment in Year and Course Duration
  • APRIL INTAKE – 2 Years Course
  • JULY INTAKE – 1 Year 9 Month
  • OCTOBER INTAKE – 1 Year 6 Month
  • JANUARY INTAKE – 1 Year 3 Month


  1. All school do not accept the all of intake, APRIL and OCTOBER are the major intake that almost all Japanese school accepts.
  2. There will be 4 hour classes per day approximately to most of schools


Application DEADLINE

① Within the month of November for the next April Enrollment
② Within the month of February for July Enrollment
③ Within the month of May for the October Enrollment
④ Within the month of August for the January Enrollment

[Note:- Please be notice that the deadline mentioned for the particular Japanese Language school is possible to close earlier once the application is full ]

How to submit your application?

You have to send your application at particular school’s Address through the post office.

Procedures after submit application

①Documents verification
②Writing examination and interview