Essential preparation to study in Japan

Home Essential preparation to study in Japan
1. Planning & Information Gathering
  • Collect Information & Check Language Proficiency Requirements
    • (Japanese Education System, Academic Year, Admission Open time, Entrance Examination, Admission Eligibility, Types of Japanese academic Institutions, Japanese Language Institution, etc,)
    • We focus on enrollment at the Japanese Language Institution
  • Check the Amount of Money required in Japan
    • ( Different institutions have different fee structures)
2. Selecting Schools ( 6-12 months before departure)
  • Check the brochures of the language schools
  • Be sure of eligibility requirements for admission
  • Compare schools and shortlist them
  • Get ready to apply
3. Taking the standard tests for admission.
  • Sit in the exams, such as JLPT, NAT, TOP J, etc.
  • TOFEL & IELTS may be required along with the Japanese Language Test if you are willing to join a university.
4. Applying for Admission ( 6 Month before departure)
  • Prepare application documents
  • Arrange and send application fees if needed
5. Taking the interview for Entrance with official of your target Japanese Language School
6. Implementing Admission procedures
  • Get admission letter
  • Get Confirmation of Eligibility ( CoE)
  • Get an invoice from your institution
  • Submit the admission fees
7. Prepare for Travel
  • Apply for the VISA
  • Confirm the dormitory or place to live in Japan
  • Reserve air ticket
  • Exchange your pocket money to JPY
  • Necessary Shopping
8. Enrollment
  • Travel to Japan
  • Submit admission documents if you have
  • Enjoy your study